Version 2.3 is out because there's no such thing as final bugfixes

Yep, it's that time again. I noticed at some point that when making Button's mugshots, I had forgotten a small detail... Namely, her ears are supposed to have light blue tips.

Yep. So, update it is!

  • Button Bit's mugshot sprites now have properly colored ears!
  • There is now a stack of hay blocking the path next to Lily's house, explaining why you can't go that way.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing ESCAPE would remove all collision, letting you run through walls.
  • There is now a + XNA version, which includes an installer for Windows XNA 4.0. You don't need to track it down separately anymore!

As always, enjoy!


The Ribbon Club 9 MB
Mar 05, 2018
The Ribbon Club v2.3 + 15 MB
Mar 05, 2018

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