*Edit* Ah, I ended up saving this as a draft instead of an update. Guess that shows how new I am to this site! I also set up my paypal properly, as apparently no attempts to pay were going through. My bad!

Owing to the late hour and insufficient playtesting, The Ribbon Club had some bugs when I submitted it - I've now fixed them and updated the game accordingly!

Specifically, what has been changed is:
The song glitch is now hopefully fixed.
The volume glitch, which caused the game to crash as soon as a sound effect was meant to play, should now be fixed.
Fixed an error where Button gave placeholder dialogue instead of the intended "time to go back" if the last item you needed was picked up rather than given to you by an NPC.
You can now use the Z key to pick things on the main menu, not just Enter.
Fixed a graphical mistake where the inside of the library door was only half as wide as it should be.
Fixed an issue where you didn't actually need the cake to beat the game.


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Aug 15, 2017

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